The Creation of a Jewel

Driven by our passion for unique designs and excellent craftsmanship each piece we create has a lot of heart in it. From the initial drawing stages all the way through to setting, polishing and hallmarking, we are constantly reviewing our designs and processes to make sure we provide the best quality products, something we are confident in.

Each piece we create is made to order just for you. We don’t batch produce so you can have the guarantee we have taken care in every step, allowing us to create something truly exceptional. We thought we’d take you through some of the steps below so you can truly experience our journey.

Humaiyra drawings


The first stage oozes with creativity. I become absorbed working with my hands making little sculptural models to represent my artistic vision. Alongside the models are multiple sketches to let me imagine the way the final piece will look and feel.

I work and rework the jewellery until the initial sketches become more lifelike. One piece can be reworked up to 20/30 times to make sure the dimensions feel right. If a design doesn’t quite make the cut it’s archived for later consideration.

Once the overall look is something I am happy with we move onto the production stage.

Humaiyra workshop


This is the biggest step in transforming this creative idea into a beloved jewel. For me this key process involves multiple conversations with experts in the workshop to get the piece just right.

Sometimes, during this stage we further re-tweak the designs to get the best manufacturing solutions for our pieces. This step is important because the goal is to create quality jewellery that is made to last.

For unique projects like the ICON collection, the marble required needed expert technology due to the intricate work. This was done in Italy with craftsmen who have many years of experience working with this luxurious material.

This stage can take a good few months. Once we are satisfied with the standard of the models produced we give the go ahead to begin creation.

Assembly at Humaiyra's workshop


The drawing finally comes to life! The components are meticulously worked by cutting the metal, soldering with a welding torch, making settings and adjusting the stones repeatedly to get precision positioning.

The structure and curves start to take form revealing glimpses of the final assembled piece, but the process isn’t finished just yet…

Polishing in Humaiyras workshop


This is where we bring the lustre, we move onto this delicate stage where the metal undergoes the finishing process. By working in small sections the metal is buffed and polished to magically unlock the beauty of the precious metal. This process is carried out multiple times before and after setting to bring out the high shine in the metal and stones.

Gemstone setting at Humaiyras workshop


The art of setting needs a variety of specialised techniques. Different styles of settings are needed to secure, enhance and protect the stones depending on the aesthetics we choose. This is a very precise job and needs patience to make sure each stone fits perfectly; we want to show the quality of the stones and material in the best way possible.

Humaiyra certification

Inspection & Approval

This step may seem the easiest but it is vital in our process. Each piece is individually looked over to ensure it meets the standards of our brand. If our criteria are met we send it over to be certified by a hallmark so you the customer have extra assurance from the assay office that the materials we have used are up to standard.

Every piece of jewellery from Humaiyra also comes with the brand mark and its own unique serial number and certificate to match for that extra guarantee that all the above steps have taken place.

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